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• Responsibly sourced leaf tobacco

• Best quality at the best value

BSC stands for


We source our tobaccos from growers who are committed to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and who participate in the U.S. Tobacco Gap program through GAP Connections. BSC is committed to a transparent and socially responsible supply chain and to the product integrity which GAP supports. Burley Stabilization Corporation is a founding and actively participating member of the GAP Connections Board of Directors.

Our burley is grown in the traditional production areas of the United States, primarily in Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina. Production guidance is provided primarily by University Extension and BSC agronomy. The soils and climate in this region provide an excellent foundation for premium burley. Our grower base experience and expertise is second to none.


At BSC, people are our most important resource. Beginning with who we are as the people working at BSC and extending throughout the diversity of people with whom we do business at all steps in the tobacco supply chain, relationships are our calling card. Quality tobacco is our specialty, and quality people drive our business.


Burley Stabilization Corporation operates with integrity founded upon strong personal experience in the tobacco business. We provide experienced agronomic support to our growers in addition to expertise in buying, processing, marketing and logistics. Our strong relationships throughout the tobacco supply chain enable us to responsibly provide our customers with made-to-order value and quality.

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